Why Does Destiny Repeated Itself? Is Our Destiny Predetermined? (feat, Lovely Runner)

Why Does Destiny Repeated Itself? Is Our Destiny Predetermined? (feat, Lovely Runner)

Why Does Destiny Repeated Itself?

Does Sol can changes Sunjae and her destiny? Our destiny is exactly as it should be. ๐Ÿ‘€

Destiny Repeat Itself
Destiny Repeat Itself

Is Our Destiny Predetermined? (feat, Lovely Runner)

Hi Guys! I’m Yujin.

Today we are looking inside for discovering secrets of our destiny through Lovely Runner’s episode. Are you ready? Let’s Go ๐Ÿ‘

Sol and Sunjae’s Destiny

In Lovely Runner, Im Sol and Ryu Sun-Jae’s destiny are repeatedly by slightly different events.

Im sol time slipse to the back, and she strive for saving Sunjae’s life. She prevent his death in various way and strive it over and over the time behind Sunjae. However, Sunjae dead again in different future. The destiny is repeatedly while in the different future.

Why is it repeatedly? Is it already decided it?

The answer is YES. Anyway, drama stories might diverge from the truth. In reality in our lives, destiny is predestined and exactly as it should be. This stories are completely different from anything you’ve heard before๐Ÿคซ.

Human’s Destiny, Behind Stories Of Lives

Actually, we are born with our own destiny (your whole destiny knowledge is stored in your Life-Map within your heart). It exists as over 80 trillion Energy-Codes in the fourth dimension. However, it might be somewhat different if you have enough ‘Love energyโค’ from your parents when you were a younger.

However, because humans basically do not posses absolute 100% love energy, you will always have a deficiency of love energy inside your heart. Then you are living perfectly according to your own destiny since birth. Someone said they were modifying their fate for a variety of reasons, however this is false. I am sure of it because I already know the truth.

Your Life Map, Which Is Everything ๐Ÿ“œ

Your destiny requires you to live through the events outlined in your own life map. When you suffer a sudden accident or celebrate significant events in your life, it has already been chosen and predicted events. Your parents, siblings, friends, and even your spouse are all have set roles in your life. Isn’t it interesting? When I heard of this, I was surprised of these life truths. You must lead as your destiny component.

We cannot change our lives or destiny. It is originally impossible.

However, there is only one method in which we can change our destiny and life to completely positive way to us. Is not for everyone; only the chosen one. Are you wondering about it?

Now, Is The Time To Experience Real Love

You can find the answer in MAEUM-BEOP. I learnt it from MAEUM-BEOP, and aim to share life’s truth tales by Overseak articles! Follow these stories and let’s transform our lives to be happier together๐Ÿ˜‰. Moreover, This post has extraordinary positive energy from the greatest Majesty.

You can filling love energy through reading this article. If you feel happy or positivity now, your heart reaction for the love energy.

Image Credit: giphy (The Valentines)
Image Credit: giphy (The Valentines)

Therefore if you read it again or read other articles, you will be able to fill your heart with huge amount of Love Positive energy. I sincerely wish you always have plenty of happiness. โค๐Ÿค

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