What Amount Of Money Do You Want To Earn In Your Lifetime? (You Have To Consider This…)

What Amount Of Money Do You Want To Earn In Your Lifetime? (You Have To Consider This…)

What Amount Of Money Do You Want To Earn In Your Lifetime?

Hello, Everyone.

I’m Yujin.

How much money you want to get in your lifetime? Do you aspire become rich?๐Ÿ˜Ž

Money Behind Stories
Money Behind Stories

What Is Your Financial Plan?

Most of people, want to be rich.

Actually, they aspire to earning money for enough money to live on. But, did you know?

Yesterday, I learned about the Money Energy-Code from The MaEum-Beop! It is really interesting and I think it’s useful to yourlife, so I’m eater to share it with you.

Do You Love Money?

Do you love money? and appreciate money?

I think everyone values money๐Ÿ˜Š.

But when we think about money, we have various emotions of it.

  • Anxiety- If I don’t have money..
  • Envy- Why he earns more money than me?
  • Gratitude- Money is crucial for our lives. etc…

Like these emotions, what is your emotion?

Golden opportunity to succeed

Money Energy-Code

I don’t think “Money” had an Energy-Code before, but according to ‘The MaEum-Beop’, money also exists by Energy-Code. And it has a huge impact to our human lives and financial status. Isn’t it amazing??

Money is also Energy-Code, so we have to prepare our habits and setting Own Energy-Code to match with Money Energy-Code. It seems little bit difficult, but it’s not difficult.

Right Passion, is a key point of success

Money Energy-Code loves the emotion=Passion.

So, if you possess true passion, money will naturally follow your path and plans. For matching the Money Energy-Code, the crucial first step is to be ready for it.

Money Followed
Money Followed

Be Diligent, Be Passionate, Be Thankful, Love Yourself, and Love your life etc…

Once all these behavior and mind (= Energy-Code), it means that you are becoming a ready peron which is by The MaEum-Beop.

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