Queen Of Tears: They Had To Become A Couple (+ Despair and Ruin, Season 2?!)

Queen Of Tears: They Had To Become A Couple (+ Despair and Ruin, Season 2?!)

Does True Love Really Exist For Couples?

Queen Of Tears: They Had To Become A Couple (+ Despair and Ruin)

Queen of tears
Queen of tears

Married Life … Not Easy πŸ’

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Why did the Queen of Tears attracted people around the world? Which point is struct to worldwide people? Haein and Hyunwoo had a reason that could never be severed and divorced. What could that be?πŸ’¨

Source : https://giphy.com/
Source : https://giphy.com/

Absolutely Focusing Point

First, starting point is interesting. The point of chaebol, and the point of being the prince of a supermarket. There were quite unbalanced but interesting and catching people’s focus.

They started off as enemies, but over time, they gradually opened up to each other and grew closer. In episode 15, Haein (Kim Ji-Won) eagerly anticipates seeing Hyunwoo (Kim Soo-Hyun), even though she has forgotten everything about him. Her instinct draws her to Hyunwoo. When I watched this scene, I thought, ‘Wow… love is truly amazing!πŸ‘’ Don’t you agree with me?😁

Even though they are opening minds to each other, married life is not going smoothly for them. They have faced car accidents, gun accidents, memory lapses, and more. Nevertheless, they persevere! They stay alive each time. Various conflicts and problems contribute to these couples’ experiences. While we may not experience this level of adversity typically, everyone has their own problems in life and relationships.

Queen Of Tears (Source : tvN Website)
Queen Of Tears (Source : tvN Website)

Human’s Love (Why We Are Dislike After Marry?πŸ˜…)

Like the Queen of Tears, Haein and Hyunwoo were passionately in love and eventually married. However, as time passed, their love for each other faded. Why do we always feel like this?

Even in just engagement, we invest a lot of time in love, only to experience heartbreak and pain. Such is the human experience. Do we have to repeatedly this cycle over and over the again?

Endless Desire and Despair of Life

Besides Haein and Hyunwoo, there were Eunseong and Mo Seulhee. They showed the depths of human nature. It’s a case where endless desire leads to despair in life. Actually I’m learning about ‘The MaEum-Beop’(which encompasses all of overall life’s wisdom), I’ve come to recognize that desire is truly a scary emotions in our lives.

Queen Of Tears (Source : tvN Website)
Queen Of Tears (Source : tvN Website)

When we us the emotion ‘Endless Greed, Desire, and Obsession’ leads our mind more and more negativity. It is endless negativity. When we ensnared by those emotions, we won’t see or hear anything else, Instead, we’ll just continue to harbor malicious thoughts and commit wrongs.

We are living in the 3rd generation, where both ‘Positivity and Negativity’ exist. Therefore, how we lead our emotions (Positive aspect vs Negative aspect) is really important, and it also affects our life’s results.

As we know, it is Emotions, but the real thing is ‘Energy-Code’, and it is incredibly connected with our lives, operating in our minds all the time. You might be hearing this concept for the first time, but whether you believe it or not, it is working right now. Are you interesting about ‘Energy-Code’? then refer to the text below!πŸ˜‰

Back to the Drama, Eunseong and Seulhee have lots of money, but their hearts were poorer than anyone else’s. Because they only used their hearts full of negativity, they eventually faced a negativity reality. It is not only just drama, but also the real. If you use just full of negativity hearts, then you will get the negativity reality of course. It is the one of the laws worldwide.

Awkward Couple, and Law of causality

Again to Haein and Hyunwoo, they were absolutely connected by destiny. 200% I’m sure of it! LikeHaein and Hyunwoo’s life, we all commonly experience these things.

If there’s something truly fascinating about martial relationships, it’s that due to the Law of Causality, one’s destiny is intertwined, leading them to become a couple.πŸŒͺ

Before marrying as a couple, due to the Law of Destiny, there were experiences where they seemed crazy in love and adorable to each other! However, once they become a couple or marry, then they may start dislikeing each other or their affection may diminish. They start noticing flaws in each other from the moment of marriage. It’s just that your destiny is intertwined, something incomparable to psychological aspects.

Start deeply, law of causality(destiny) is getting really interesting.

Queen Of Tears (Source : tvN Website)
Queen Of Tears (Source : tvN Website)

Our Imperfection Life ❀

Have you seen the ending of The Queen of Tears?

It is the hottest K-Drama of recent times. (No Spoilers Here!)

Whether the drama has a happy ending or not, I hope all of you have lives filled with happiness. As you read this article, you feel positivity and happiness. Because in this article is filled with positivity!πŸ€— (REALLY)

The Queen of Tears, beloved by countless viewers worldwide, is now bidding farewell. Concluding with ratings that surpass even tvN’s iconic drama ‘Crash Landing on You,’ dubbed as the drama of the century in Korea, The Queen of Tears has truly captured the hearts of the audience!

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