Lovely Runners: Changing Your Life (If You Can Find This Method)

Lovely Runners: Changing Your Life (If You Can Find This Method)

Lovely Runners: Changing Your Life (If You Can Find This Method)

Change Destiny, it is not only in the drama, but also you can do! Once, if you can find the method๐Ÿ˜Š. Let’s Go!

Lovely Runners, Changing One’s Life ๐Ÿ”‘

Hello Guys! I’m Yujin.

Lovely Runners is South Korean drama series starring Ryu Sun-Jae(Byeon Woo-Seok) and Im Sol(Kim Hye-Yoon). The story based on a web novel(Webtoon) titled Tommorow’s Best. Lovely Runner’s main topic is Ryu Sun-Jae and Im Sol’s love story, and also the process of changing the destiny.

Source : Kakao Webtoon Site
Source : Kakao Webtoon Site

Interesting About ‘Im Sol and Ryu Sun-Jae’

After experiencing various tragedies such as lower body paralysis due to a traffic accident and the death of Ryu Sun-jae, Im Sol fell into despair. Then, suddenly, Im Sol, who had returned to the past 15 years ago. She gets a chance to change her and Sunjae’s fate. What will be the outcome in the end?

Photo Credit: tvN Website
Photo Credit: tvN Website

Once Life, Dramatically Changing ๐Ÿ’Ž

In drama, Im Sol is trying to change her and Sun-Jae’s destiny. In various K-Dramas are composed these kind of story synopsis about “Changing Destiny”. Why people is like these kind of stories? People might want to change their destiny and life to happy like Happy Ending Drama!

When we watching the drama, people immerse ourselves in dramas and empathize with them because we become emotionally involved. Feel happy and satisfy by the starring’s life.

Source : Giphy (Chescaleigh)
Source : Giphy (Chescaleigh)

Exact Way To Find Happiness, But Only One Method

There is an exact way to change one’s destiny. Since you cannot learn the real story of life, you don’t know about the way. However, there is a method to find your happy life and a formula for changing destiny.

Im Sol is back to the past with present her brain. She got car accident, didn’t achieve her dream, and heard Sunjae’s death. Then she has full of Negativity Emotions in her life, even if she back to the past.

Note that all Emotions, Habits, Behaviors etc… are ‘Energy-Code’.

Photo Credit: Byun Woo-Seok Instagram
Photo Credit: Byun Woo-Seok Instagram

Everyone Has This, But No One Knows

Everyone (including you) has 80 billion Energy-Codes in their life. Because we live in a world where the 3rd and 4th dimensions coexist, we are greatly affected by the 4th dimension(= Energy-Code).

Im Sol, now has a lot of negative Energy-Codes. If Im Sol only uses Energy-Codes filled with negativity, she will also experience negative outcomes. Even though she goes to the past, the reality may not be change, and she may not be able to prevent her and Sunjae’s accident.

However, given the chance, how she sets her mindset and leads her life is a crucial point in Im Sol and Ryu Sun-Jae’s lives, especially for Im Sol. How she shapes her mindset and cultivates positive Energy-Codes, determines the outcomes.

Credit: Giphy (Palerlotus)

Everything is Interconnected With…

Our destiny, fortune, and a happy life are all interconnected. If you know how precious one’s life is, you would never waste your time. Your life is incredibly significant opportunity, born with immense potential, and an invaluable treasure that cannot be exchanged for anything else.

In drama, Sol saids she lives for Sunjae, but it is false. She have to live for herself, and take good care of her, treat her preciously, and then stand up for herself well. After that she will be able to rescue Sunjae through the changed destiny.

Photo Credit: tvN Website
Photo Credit: tvN Website

In society, whether one’s lives well or not, whether one is successful or not, all depends on our Energy-Codes. How much positivity Energy-Code we have compared to negativity. positivity Energy-Code working on inside our lives, and we have more than negativity. We have to continuously transform our negative energy-codes into positive ones.

According to how much positive energy-codes are operating within our lives, our life flows are completely changing in the future.

Immediate Happiness? and Protect My Life

If you want to transform your life into happy one, than you can say to yourself ” OO(your name), you are an incredibly precious person. We must live a happy life!”.

After encouraging yourself, how might you feel?

In this space, filled with Positivity Energy-Code, therefore if you follow that statement, you might find your heart filled with positivity.

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