Lovely Runner : Positivity’s Hidden Power (Living For Both Of Us)

Lovely Runner : Positivity’s Hidden Power (Living For Both Of Us)

Lovely Runner : Positivity’s Hidden Power (Living For Both Of Us)

After Im Sol had an unexpected accident and lost everything important in her life. She became increasingly downcast. Over time, she gets increasingly gloomy until she heard about something that became a turning point in her life.

Loverly Runners
Loverly Runners

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Today’s our discuss K-drama is “Lovely Runners” which is based on the popular Webtoon series.

Lovely Runner Crucial Info

Lovely Runner Cast & Quick Summarize

Im Sol [Kim Hye Yoon]

m Sol [Kim Hye Yoon] Photo credit [tvN Website]
Im Sol [Kim Hye Yoon] Photo credit [tvN Website]

Ryu Sun-jae [Byeon Woo Seok]

Ryu Sun-jae[Byeon Woo Seok] Photo credit [tvN Website]
Ryu Sun-jae[Byeon Woo Seok] Photo credit [tvN Website]

Quick Overlook ๐Ÿ‘€

The time-slip fantasy romance drama is captivating viewers and gaining momentum each week. With Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon’s sparkling chemistry, the story delves into the hidden shadows of fame right from the start.

Lovely Runner and Queen of Tears are both hold over local and international audiences๐Ÿ”ฅ.

Lovely Runners : tvN Photo credit
Lovely Runners : tvN Photo credit

IM SOL, Who is she?

Our Lives Driven By Instinct

Im Sol faced various difficult situations, but eventually she decided and embraced positivity. While it’s not always the case positivity is better than negativity, for generally people is tend with strong negative tendencies. Therefore, actually, people typical to focus more on the negative than positive.

Because, grasp negativity is more easily than positivity for us. We cannot heard and see how’s our emotions are work in the real time. So, we cannot control our emotions easily.

A Magical Spell That Sets Everything Right

Is there anything particularly special about happy people?

Not really. There isn’t much difference among happy people. Life as a human is challenging for everyone, and there isn’t a single person who is living comfortably and easily. In such a challenging life for everyone, we have a magical spell that sets everything right for us.

It’s saying, “Hey, you can do it. You can live a happy life. I really like you. Thank you for living like this.”

Your life will completely transform because of this single phrase you say to yourself. You are a gem with many blessings, talents, and capabilities. But if you fall into just negativity, you’ll never be able to fully appeal these gifts in this world. Whatever situation you’re in, you must hold onto your heart and uncover the blessings you’ve brought with you.

In doing so, you’ll discover a true happiness unlike any you’ve experienced before.

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