Love, Why Do You Crave It So Desperately? (Lovely Runner, The Secret Stories)

Love, Why Do You Crave It So Desperately? (Lovely Runner, The Secret Stories)

Love, why do you crave it so desperately?

Love-Lovely Runner
Love-Lovely Runner

Love is Not Easy

In Lovely Runner, Sunjae and Sol love each other deeply. They are falling more deeply in love with each passing moment. However, in reality, is it as easy to love as it is portrayed in dramas? It’s not that simple.๐Ÿ™„

Love Is Undeniably A Crucial Aspect For Life

Love is undeniably a crucial aspect of our lives. It’s essential for building relationships, earning money, fostering self-esteem, and connecting with family, friends, and ourselves through self-love. However, we don’t know what is 100% love is. Humans struggle to give and receive love because we may not have experienced it fully since childhood.

We all possess an ‘Energy-Code’โ€”our emotions, behaviors, feelings, bodies, and habits collectively form this code. Love also manifests as an ‘Energy-Code,’ which I refer to as Love Energy-Code.

Love Energy-Code should filled by parent’s love from child, but we are adult now. Then we should filled our Love Energy-Code by ourselves. It cannot filled by others (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife etc..). You should filled your Love Energy-Code by yourselves.

Let’s Together Filling Love Energy-Code

Let’s say together, ‘OOO (your name), I love you sooooo much! I hope you have a wonderful day today. You are a really precious person in the world.’

Are you following this sentence? What do you feel?

If you feel touched or experience feelings of love in your mind, then it means it’s working. Your Love Energy-Code is the reaction to what you’ve said. These sentiments are all beneficial for your life because you are truly a precious person in the world.

This article included incredibly love and positive energy. Read it and follow along with me, and you can improve your Love Energy-Code as soon as possible! Good luck!

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