Love Traits 😜 (+ Serendipity’s Embrace Info)

Love Traits 😜 (+ Serendipity’s Embrace Info)

Love Traits 😜 (+ Serendipity’s Embrace Info)

Love Traits
Love Traits

Chae Jong Hyeop and Kim So Hyun’s character posters have been revealed for tvN’s upcoming drama ‘Serendipity’s Embrace’!

Name➑️ Serendipity’s Embrace
Webtoon➑️ Origin
Love➑️ Love Tips

Destiny Love Story ✨

The serendipity’s embraces is based on a famous webtoon. It’s about to tells the clumsy first love ‘accidentally’ meets a decade later and falls in love again. their paths interweaving like ‘destiny’.

People often want to be fantastically in love like a romantic drama. They desire to receive 100% love from their significant others. But it’s not easy. Actually it’s impossible.

We experience both the joy of happy love and the pain of separation. However, we are want to loving someone and finding another love.

Serendipity's Embrace
Serendipity’s Embrace Official Image

Why we always find love and loving someone? Despite we always experience pain of breaking up! There are reasons about it. About the human nature’s traits towards love 🀫.

Human is always deficit to apply for love. It’s because we couldn’t receive enough love, and our Love Energy-Code is always not enoughβ€οΈβ€πŸ©Ή.

What is Truly Ideal and Fantastical Romance?

The human’s ideal and fantastical romance/love is give & take love relationship. I can give it proper love to significant others, and he/she can give it proper love to me. Use proper Love Energy-Code between the couples, they can keep their relationships for a long time.

Serendipity's Embrace Official Image
Serendipity’s Embrace Official Image

Then! why we always find another perfect love? Despite experiencing the pain of love? It is the hidden traits of human’s love. Humans are set to not be able to study love.

The reason is.. it’s because humans are inherently set not to learn about love. As you study the MAEUM-BEOP, you gradually learn one by one about the countless stories of the human world that you didn’t know.

In this Overseak site, MAEUM-BEOP’s greatest Majesty’s Love Energy-Codes are fully imbued. Which you can receive simply by reading the articles.

And your Love Energy-Code will begin to awaken. If you are ready to start happiness in love, start by repeatedly reading the articles and receiving the abundant Love Energy-Code in your life.

Good Luck Everyone!πŸ’˜

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