Don’t Look At Others, Look Within Yourself (How To Focus On Myself?)

Don’t Look At Others, Look Within Yourself (How To Focus On Myself?)

Don’t Look at Others, Look Within Yourself

Focus On Yourself
Focus On Yourself

Many of us have a habit of comparing our results to those of others. Although we live our own lives, we often find ourselves comparing our lives to those of others.

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Why did we compare to others?

One reason we compare ourselves to others is that we are inherently influenced by the outside world due to the functioning of our sensory organs. Which are designed to perceive external stimuli.

Who achieves the real success

One Way to Change Your Life

However, if you truly want to change your life, you must focus on yourself—your own life, especially on understanding ‘Who You Are’ and recognizing ‘What Your Main Characteristics and Habits Are.’

Your habits are your Karma-Code. Accepting your Karma-Code and changing it is a crucial process for making your life successful.

The MaEum-Beop Era, Successful Life

In the New Era, known as ‘The MaEum-Beop Era,’ those who embrace The MaEum-Beop will find success through love and acceptance offered by The Absoluts.

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