Inside Out 2 : Riley’s Chaotic Puberty Life (+ Your Emotions’ Truly Hidden Secret🤫)

Inside Out 2 : Riley’s Chaotic Puberty Life (+ Your Emotions’ Truly Hidden Secret🤫)

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Today’s topic is “Inside Out 2”, and “Your Hidden Emotions”. Let’s explore the story below 👋


Inside Out 2 [Waiting For A Long Time ⏰]

Inside Out season 1 is my favorite movie. I’ve been eagerly waiting for season 2! Finally, new upcoming sequel ‘Inside Out 2’ is set to be revealed on June 14.

Riley’s New Growing Life Is Beginning 💡

Let’s quick summarize about the Riley’s life stories. You can check quickly “Inside Out season 1, and season 2”.

Riley’s Pre-Schooler [Season #1]

Riley, upon moving to a new city, experiences a range of emotions as she adapts to her new surroundings. Her Inner World of Emotions, represented by Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Angry, and Fear, is at work, guiding her through this journey of adjustment in a new city.

Riley’s Teenager [Seasons #2]

Riley, has turned to 13 years old! At 13 years old, with puberty arriving, her mind began together with a wider range of emotions. She is going to high school and make new friends. During puberty, what is happening in Riley’s life? and her inner mind?

New Emotions in Riley’s Life 👧🏻

Original appeared Riley’s emotions are “Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear”. In the new season, new emotions are together with Riley’s growing life. These are all traditional emotions for puberty girls😉.

➢ Envy- Mint Color

➢ Anxiety- Red Color

➢ Embarrassment- Pink Color

➢ Ennui- Purple Color

What About The Reality Of Our Emotions?


Emotions and Energy-Codes⁉️

We learn about individual emotions through watching the movie Inside Out 2. It effectively characterizes emotions, and helping us understand more about our own feelings.

In the Inside Out Movie, it saids and appeared in “Emotion”. However, these All Emotions are actually Energy-Code. By explaining more about our ‘Energy-Code’, it encompasses everything about our ‘Emotions, Behaviors, Body, and everything else in the world’.

Are Emotions Truly Added By Aging?👶🏻

In the movie “Inside Out,” Riley’s development is depicted as giving rise to various New Energy-Codes(Emotions) as if they are emerging anew.

However, in reality, it’s not a new Energy-Code are created by development. It just certain ‘Existing Energy-Code’ within Riley are “STREGTHENED” depending on the circumstances and environments.

Inside Out 2 [Source : Disney]
Inside Out 2 [Source : Disney]

It means that, (You also have same status with Riley), Riley has a lots of Energy-Codes(Emotions) since her birth. And then, following the aging, circumstances, there is “strengthened Energy-Code(Emotions)” are exist.

In the movie, it seems like there is a conflict depicted between the Original Energy-Code(Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear) and the New Energy-Code(Anxiety, Embarssment, Ennui, and Envy). However, in fact, various energy codes often coexist and acceptance each other’s spaces😁.

How Is Human Consciousness Possible?

Moreover, in Inside Out, it seems like Energy-Codes (emotions) are lead the consciousness of humans(Riley). But in reality, energy-codes are often selected along with how humans perceive and choose their circumstances.

However, because most of people don’t know of this Energy-Code’ world and Inner Consciousness structured, they often find themselves being driven by energy-codes (emotions). Like same as the movie Inside Out🤫.

Our All Emotion’s Hidden Secret 💡

If you come to exact understand about the Energy-Code, you can live an active life where you lead and choose your own circumstances and emotional responses.

When all of these things align, humans find their true purpose, and life becomes genuinely happy🤗.

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