Humans Have 80 Trillion Energy (How to Manage It?)

Humans Have 80 Trillion Energy (How to Manage It?)

Humans Have 80 Trillion Energy

80 Trillion Energy
80 Trillion Energy

Everyone has Energy

Everyone possesses approximately 80 Trillion Energy.

Everything that sustains you possesses a life force, collectively referred to as an Energy. To simplify, the emotions you experience – anger, depression, joy, anxiety – are all Energy. Furthermore, your body and cells consist of Energy, and your thoughts themselves are Energy.

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Manage Your Energy Thorugh The Absolute Power

All of these Energies affect your life, including your relationships, success, and health. In the New Paradigm, The MaEum-Beop Era, it’s important to manage your energy through The Absolute Power. Treating your energy alone is not feasible, but it becomes possible when you encounter The Absolute Power in The MaEum-Beop.

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