How to Overcome Depression? (Fake Positive vs Real Positive)

How to Overcome Depression? (Fake Positive vs Real Positive)

How to Overcome Depression


When you’re feeling down and becoming more depressed, how do you overcome it?

Does Positive Thinking Really Work for Depression?

Some people believe that ‘just thinking positively and living positively’ is the success key. The idea is that to be successful, one should avoid saying negative things and focus on positive thoughts to attract good situations.

Some people believe that positive thinking and living are the keys to success. The idea is that in order to be successful, one should avoid expressing negativity and instead focus on positive thoughts to attract favorable situations.

However, it’s important to note that simply faking positivity and ignoring one’s depressed feelings may not be an effective way to deal with depression; in fact, it could make life even more miserable.

To Overcome Depression and Turn to Happiness

The really effective way to overcome depressed feelings, is to love and care for Myself and My Energy.

Overcome Depression
Overcome Depression

Caring Your Energy [Important]

Instead of ignoring and denying your negative emotions, you need to prioritize caring for your feelings. Loving your Energy is really important because changing your destiny begins with this love.

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