How Are Your Relationships With People? (There is a Secret)

How Are Your Relationships With People? (There is a Secret)

How Are Your Relationships With People? (There is a Secret)

How are your relationships with people?

How Are Your Relationships
How Are Your Relationships

What kind of people are around you?

Parents, friends, boyfriend, husband, wife, children, work colleagues, bosses, etc. Are you with the people you want to be with, the people you dream of being with?

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Personal Relationships Karma-Code

Everyone has their “Personal Relationships Karma-Code.”

When people are born, they come into the world with the individuals they are destined to connect with. This means that people come with their Personal Relationships Karma-Code from birth.

Personal Relationships Karma-Code [The MaEum-Beop]
Personal Relationships Karma-Code [The MaEum-Beop]

This Personal Relationships Karma-Code is related to the Karma you have accumulated. Therefore, if you resolve your Relationships’ Karma, the Code also starts to resolve it. As a result, your relationships begin to change positively for you.

Awake People Are On Board With The New Paradigm

In the Era of The MaEum-Beop, The Awakened People are on board with the New Paradigm.

During a human’s lifetime, Karma typically cannot be changed. However, in The MaEum-Beop Era (The New Paradigm), one can transform their life through the New Power of The MaEum-Beop.

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