‘Crash Landing On You’ The Best North & South Korean Couple Stories (A Life Changed In One Moment 馃拲)

‘Crash Landing On You’ The Best North & South Korean Couple Stories (A Life Changed In One Moment 馃拲)

Have you ever seen this beautiful couple? 馃槏

Crash Landing On You: Why Lee Jung-Hyuk Is Changing?

It’s time to look around for a K-Drama! Today’s pick is “Crash Landing On You”.

South Korean women and North Korean men destined for true love. The most lovely drama ever in my life! Let’s get it started馃槑!

Crash Landing On You-Overseak
Crash Landing On You-Overseak

馃攽 Key Information

Crush Your Hearts, Crash Landing On You

Hey Guys! I’m Yujin. Are you love to watching drama or movie? I’m love to watching dramas or movies on Netflix! In my house, there isn’t TV inside, but we have Netflix and Youtube for watching everything what we want.

Anyway, are you known or seen about the K-Drama Which name is “Crash Landing On You”? It is most popular K-drama in 2019~2020, and until now. I think it is one of the legendary K-drama. It written by ‘Park Ji Eun’ writer. Her another drama “Queen of tears” also gets amount of attractive love from people.

  • Drama writer:聽Park Ji Eun

Why Did ‘Crash Landing On You’ Succeed So Well?

Crash Landing On You is one of the succeed so well K-drama. There are various reasons why is it so popular. I

  1. Tried-and-tested K-drama characters: a chaebol and a soldier 鈥 both good-looking, and aspirational
  2. A slightly unrealistic love story
  3. A well-balanced mix of romcom, action and suspense

“Crash Landing On You”. Did you ever watch this video? If you don’t, you MUST to watch it right now. Because It has value for watching 馃檶. Let’s overlook the overall synopsis for the Crash Landing On You!

Crash Landing On You,

Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin) is a South Korean’ heiress. And Ri Jeong-hyeok (Hyun bin) is a North Korean’ Captain in Special Forces.

Seri is encounteres to Ri Jeong-hyeok. Together, they navigate the challenges for unexpected situations, they are getting more closely and deeply falling in love together.

As they face various obstacles, their journey blends Romance鉂わ笍 with Humor馃榿, unfolding the story of two lovers from different worlds.

Ri Jeong-Hyuk

Ri Jeong-Hyuk is a pricipled person. His brother dead by unexpected accident, then he is geting more pricipled person by his elite family. Into his monotonous and boring life, Seri is came as a gift.

Ri Jeong-Hyuk and Seri are 180% different person. North Korean vs South Korean, and their personalities are totally different. They have big problem for getting together in lives, because of their birth. In fact, South Korean women and North Korean men are getting encountered is absolute nonsense. It’s not make sense.

Crash Landing On You

Destined For A Couple? By Destiny?!

When I studying about MaEum-Beop, I feel “Destiny” is most important in our lives, and sometimes it is too strong so little bit scary of it.

Our lives are all related with the Destiny, and everything are following our destiny way. Even if we don’t know about our lives, but the life is already following to my destiny. Life is really moving according to fate, destiny, and law of causality.

Law of Causality

In this drama, “Crash Landing On You”, we can also check about the law of causality between Ri Jeong-Hyuk and Yoon Se-ri. They are eventually meet together. It is not just simple thing, it’s about the affect of law of causality.

During live our life, we meet a lots of people. And they are all related with the law of causality in your destiny, already, for instance.

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