Just Cleaning? You Probably Don’t Know About This Behind Stories

Just Cleaning? You Probably Don’t Know About This Behind Stories

Just Cleaning? You Probably Don’t Know About This Behind Stories

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Today our topic is “Cleaning”. Sounds great isn’t it?

Just Cleaning
Just Cleaning

Cleaning, Just Cleaning?

Most of success people said that “the cleaning your around area is important, arrangement your area is important to success~~~etc”. I think you might listen these kinds of sentence even once a time in your life.

Yes. Cleaning is important. It’s really crucial point in our lives, and our life quality.

However, besides cleaning and arrangement, there is a crucial, hidden secret in it.

Do you want to listen hidden stories about cleaning? ๐Ÿ™„

Cleaning, Dust, And The Energy-Code

When you cleaning your room and your house, you might feel “Wow! It’s really fresh air, the fresh air around home and filled in it!” like this. Yes. It’s fact.

In our reality is composed of Energy-Code, and it’s together with 3rd + 4th dimensional world. The fact is, our reality life is an overall consisted of Energy-Code, so everything is consisted of “Energy-Code”. The details of concept ‘Energy-Code’ is only learn and study in The MaEum-Beop.

Negative Energy-Code vs Positive Energy-Code

Cleaning your room and remove the dust, it means that you remove the Negative Energy-Code(whithin in the dust) around your room, so you feeling more lighter and fresher. (Dust – it’s has Negative Energy-Code)

If you remaining your area cleaning, then it means that your area has more Positive Energy-Code inside it. Bright, Fresh, Clean, Positive, Happinness, Love etc… it reveals ‘Positive Energy-Code’. And Dark, Gloomy, Dirty, Negative, Anger, Jelous… it reveals ‘Negative Energy-Code’.

When you are living with Positive Energy-Code, then you attract good things more than the bad things.


Lead Your Life to Genuine Success!

Especially you should know this!! In this article, a greatest Positive MaEum-Beop’s Energy Code is inside it, so you might feel fresh or happy when you reading this site articles.

The MaEum-Beop is the most highest principle in the world, so if you acceptance these every The MaEum-Beop’s concept, then you are must achieve succeed in 2024 with The MaEum-Beop. Stay tunes it!

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