Are You Getting Angry And Feeling Negative? (The reason is..)

Are You Getting Angry And Feeling Negative? (The reason is..)

Are You Getting Angry And Feeling Negative? (The reason is..)

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Do you find your thoughts drifting to negativity without even realizing it?

Getting Angry
Getting Angry

Are you alwauys feeling angry?

Have you ever wondered why that happens? Why your thoughts tend to become negative?

When negative thoughts arise frequently, both your body and mind can become exhausted.

The persistent emergence of negative thoughts signifies the rise of Negative Energy-Code within you.

What is Energy-Code?

Are you familiar with the concept of Energy-Code? It’s probably your first time hearing about it (it originates from the principles of The MaEum-Beop). Energy-Code encompasses our emotions, thoughts, actions, everything.

Energy-Code-The MaEum-Beop
Energy-Code-The MaEum-Beop

Negative Energy-Code

We carry about 80 trillion units of Energy-Code, and our society is also structured around this Energy-Code (You can just think of this place as being made up of the Energy-Code). Therefore, you are continually influenced by it.

The rise of Negative Energy-Code, and your increasing negativity, indicates dissatisfaction with your current situation. It could also imply that you are overwhelmed by Negative Energy-Code or that none of your desires or aspirations are being resolved.

Humans are automatically influenced by Energy-Code, making it challenging to control oneself. So, how can you effectively control yourself and maintain a stable mind?

Real Positivity vs Fake Positivity

The Way To Grab Your Stable Mind

This article is composed with tremendous positive energy. The MaEum-Beop is considered the highest principle, offering humans the opportunity to shape their lives toward happiness through its supreme power. If you truly believe in the various concepts of the MaEum-Beop and act accordingly, you will gradually witness changes in your life.

Who Experience Truely Happy
Who Experience Truely Happy

Specifically, your Negative Energy-Code (=Emotions) will begin to resolve, one by one.

Rely on the principles of the MaEum-Beop to address your Negative Energy-Code step by step. Accept yourself as you are, offering understanding and compassion to your troubled heart amid challenges. By doing so, you can nurture a more positive mindset and Energy-Code, fostering the development of inner strength and peace.

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