Achievers of the 59th Grand Bell Awards in South Korea for the year 2023

Achievers of the 59th Grand Bell Awards in South Korea for the year 2023

During the 59th Grand Bell Awards(Daejong Film Awards) at the Gyeonggi Arts Center in Suwon on November 15, all eyes were on “Concrete Utopia.” This exceptional film took center stage, sweeping prestigious honors such as Best Film, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Art Direction, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Visual Effects.

Read the complete list of winners below.

The 59th Daejong Film Award

  • 2023.11.15(Wed) 6PM
  • Gyeonggi Arts Center

Winners at the 59th Grand Bell Awards

Best Film: [Concrete Utopia]

Best Director: Ryoo Seung Wan [Smugglers]

Best Actress: Kim Seo Hyung [Greenhouse]

Best Actor: Lee Byung Hun [Concrete Utopia]

Best Supporting Actress: Kim Sun Young [Concrete Utopia]

Best Supporting Actor: Oh Jung Se [Cobweb]

Best New Actress: Kim Si Eun [Next Sohee]

Best New Actor: Kim Seon Ho [The Childe]

Best New Director: Ahn Tae Jin [The Night Owl]

Best Music: Dalpalan [Phantom]

Daejong’s Expected Actor Award: Jung Sung Hwa [Hero]

Daejong’s Expected Director Award: Park Jae Bum [Mother Land]

Daejong’s Expected Film Award: [Dream Palace]

Achievement Award: Jang Mi Hee

Best Series Actress: Han Hyo Joo [Moving]

Best Series Actor: Choi Min Sik [Casino]

Best Series Director: Kang Yoon Sung [Casino]

Best Series: Disney+ [Moving]

Best Documentary: Yang Young Hi [Soup and Ideology]

Best Costume: Yoon Jung Hee [Killing Romance]

Best Art Direction: Jo Hwa Sung/Choi Hyun Suk [Concrete Utopia]

Best Sound Mixing: Kim Suk Won [Concrete Utopia]

Best Editing: Kim Sun Mi [The Night Owl]

Best Visual Effects: Eun Jae Hyun [Concrete Utopia]

Best Screenplay: Hyun Gyu Jin/Ahn Tae Jin [The Night Owl]

Best Score: Dalpalan [Phantom]

Best Cinematography: Choi Young Hwan [Smugglers]

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