[240312 (T)_Cheer with The MaEum-Beop #8] “Doing Self-Reward Properly For Yourself”

[240312 (T)_Cheer with The MaEum-Beop #8] “Doing Self-Reward Properly For Yourself”

Hello, Everyone.

I’m Yujin.

Are you giving reward to yourself properly?


Why Everyday You Exahusated

Why Everyday You Exahusated?

Many of us feel exhausted, especially on weekdays, and sometimes we dread starting the day.

Why is it that despite the effort we put into our lives, we remain dissatisfied? What is the core problem of this?

Do You Catch You Force to Just Your Growth Continually?

Regarding your efforts, are you genuinely acknowledging and valuing them? I guess you might just pass about your efforts because you are more focus on growth.

The root of this dissatisfaction of life from these various reasons. Mostly the main reason is that about failure to accept our efforts and outcomes. It’s about not being grateful to ourselves and not embracing who we are.

Do You Know “OO Is Important”?

Do you know how important is self-reward is really helpful to your life and your growth too?

Even if you didn’t know this fact. If you feel hard now, then it’s all could be related with this concept.

So, how can you reward yourself and simultaneously foster your personal growth?

Reflecting on Self-Reward

You strive in various aspects of your life, but how often do you reward yourself for these efforts?

While it’s crucial to put effort into your life, as The MaEum-Beop suggests, it’s equally important to reward yourself properly. This balance supports both your happiness and your personal growth.

Starting today, let’s make an effort to compliments ourselves and recognize our hard work and achievements.

By doing this, we open our minds to appreciate our own efforts more fully and become a full of happiness person.

Good Luck. Everyone!🍀

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